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Dom Foulsham is both an award winning teacher and University lecturer as well as a cutting edge digital elearning specialist and in 2008 he was awarded "Lead practitioner" status for Media, Communications and Film by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, a UK government body with the responsibility to "select and highlight outstanding teaching practice and achievements at a national level in Secondary (High) schools across the UK.

Currently there are - on average - approxmately 2-3 such teachers of excellence chosen to train teachers and share best practice on a national level in the UK.

University Senior Lecturing
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Since 2010 Dom Foulsham has taught as both staff and visiting senior lecturer at universities in the UK and the US in film and  television production, combining his decade of BBC broadcasting experience with his award winning teaching and eLearning expertise.

He is currently Adjunct professor of Film and Television (Part time) at Northeastern University's College of Professional Studies in Boston Massachusetts and visiting cinematographer at the New England School of Photography.

In 2012 he launched UKfilmNet a state-of-the-art, e-Learning resource featuring more than 350 High Defintion video expert led production master-classes from the cream of UK and US film and television production exprtise in areas as wide ranging as Cinematography, Professional Script-writing, Storyboarding, and Lighting Camera.

The resource - which has already receieved advanced pre-registrations from more than 700 UK schools and Universities provides elegant, content rich flexible lourney journeys, unit assessment, downloadable and resources, instant messaging and individual blogs.

The project was supported by the UK government's former UK Film Council and is recognised by the British Film Insitute and Skillset.


2013 sees the launch of a comprehensive series of seven interactive 'touch-textbooks" with hundreds of High defition video master-classes, 3D models and assessment tools covering all aspects of film and television production from Storyboarding and Scriptwriting, through to Cinematography, and Editing.

Based on the latest ePub3 format, and published by a major international publishing house, the resources have been described by the British Film Institute as "by far the most professional materials anywhere available for this subject matter, akin to broadcast training."

The textbooks are likely to be the amongst some of the most technically advanced 'skills training and teaching' textbooks currently available anywhere.




Dom Foulsham is an experienced Moodle course developer and familiar with the Drupal CMS Framework with which this site was built.